About us

Divine GCM | Gratitude Company Management

Gratitude company management are a group of company which were initiated and brought to life through the mind of creator Soleil Meliaheir. An entrepreneur who started her journey journey in business as early as seventeen. It has been a journey Soleil has developed a passion for fashion and arts over the years and created her business around same. With her love for fashion Soleil who is also a fitness model created her own fitness line Soleil de Dieu to add to the limitless of creativity she endures each day. Divine GCM serves all people ones who are into fashion fitness and arts. Our stores brings something that everyone can be grateful for.
With a name like this we want to remind others that there is always something to be grateful for. As Soleil would say “there is always something to be grateful for,even right now” & “Give gratitude to all that is available to you right now and you will attract more!